The soft hues of the silver screen shine onto pearlescent powdered plumes. This sweeping serenade is a nod to the great fan dancer Faith Bacon. Set to Jackie Gleason’s seductive sounds, Ginger Foxx performs a luscious fantasia of tease amidst a flourish of incandescent silver waterfall fans.

This act won Ginger the title of Miss Fantastic (Best Fan Dance) at the 2015 Miss Burlesque Australia competition. She has toured this act around Australia and Internationally, including the London Burlesque Festival in 2017 and The 10th Annual New Orleans Burlesque Festival in 2018.

The year is 1947 - it’s hot downtown even for late in the Summer, one of those nights where sweat sticks to the back of the city’s shirts. Pungent fumes of steam rise from the subway, and the barflies outside the jazz club are sticky with humid desire - that was the night when Ginger Foxx came to town.

The French have a saying - la petite mort. To invoke pleasure so extreme it transcends the pain of life. But why only a little death? To indulge or overindulge – there’s a delicate pendulum that teeters between tease, taste and temptation. 

The stage is set for the prima donna as she calls to her lover to feast on her flesh – to invoke pain, pleasure and ecstasy. Why die a little death when you can bubble in a gorging pot of decadence? Ginger Foxx is here to invoke a mass Death by Decadence. 

Once upon a time, high up in the snowy mountains, there lived a beautiful but evil queen who ruled over her frozen

kingdom. Legend has it that her heart was carved from ice. Many who ventured into her realm would never return...


Beware... The Ice Queen is coming!

This act won Ginger the Baby Bombshells competition at the 2015 Australian Burlesque Festival. 

Acts Coming Soon!

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Death By Decadence

Silver Screen Foxx

The Ice Queen

The Red Swan

In days gone by when the family name was power and lineage was king, the future of an empire depended on a strategic marriage. The sole heir to the throne, a fair beauty, graceful as a Swan, waited dutifully for a decision. Her family, proud as lions, battled among themselves to decide which suitor would 

take her hand. With only her hand-maidens as company, the dutiful daughter busied herself with music to put aside her growing disdain for the family’s greed.

But a change is coming and the reign of Lions is in jeopardy. The daughter can only bear her family’s unrest for so long.

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