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With a love of classic vintage burlesque and a devotion to old Hollywood glamour, Ginger Foxx emulates the grace and poise of the sirens of the silver screen.


Ginger comes from a theatrical background full of intrigue, controversy, drama and desire. Her burlesque career has seen her perform at shows both across Australia and internationally. Her stunning and dramatic acts have become her signature style leaving audiences clamouring for more. Her appearances at Falcons Burlesque, Wanted and Wild Rock & Roll Follies, Uplate & Uncut and Sydney Burlesque Gala have cemented her place in the Sydney burlesque scene.


In 2017, Ginger travelled to Europe to appear at the London Burlesque Festival and to headline "The Best of Burlesque" at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. 

Awards and Accolades

1st Runner Up | Belle of the Ball | 10th Annual New Orleans Burlesque Festival

'Most Classic' Nomination | The Busties | Australian Burlesque Industry Awards

Miss Burlesque Sydney 2018

Miss Burlesque Australia 1st Runner Up 2015 

Miss Burlesque New South Wales 2015

Miss Burlesque Australia: Miss Fantastic 2015

Winner | Baby Bombshells | The Australian Burlesque Festival 2015

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