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Classes at Sky Sirens

In 2018 Ginger was delighted to join the team at Sky Sirens Academy of Burlesque, Pole Dance & Aerial Artistry in Sydney. Teaching a range of classes from beginner burlesque to advanced fan dancing, Ginger brings her body positivity, sass, grind and confidence to help you find your own!

Head to the Sky Sirens website to enrol!


Feather Fantasy | Feather Fantasia

A Burlesque art-form from the Golden Era that tantalises and teases the audience with beautiful Ostrich Feather Fans. Made famous by Sally Rand, you will learn to create shapes with fluidity that is both incredible and striking.


Beginner & Advanced classes.


Babydoll Burlesque

Learn the art of the tease in our Classic Babydoll Beginners Burlesque course. This class is all about being tasteful and elegant with a brassiere full of bumps, grinds and shimmies! Channel your inner Dita Von Teese with a mixture of cheekiness and grace, removing your gloves, corset and stockings - and if you’re game - you can bare all with pasties!


Flawless Foxes

Get down low to the ground with Ginger Foxx in her Flawless Foxes class. In this eight week course, learn how to take it down to the floor and back up again, with strength and grace, while moving in time to the music. Whether you’d like to be seductive, sexy or pinup-perfect, Ginger will help guide you through an exploration of the floor.


"Ginger is a fierce sassy burlesque bombshell. If you want to develop skilled expertise in fan and burlesque proficiency, she’s your gal. Ginger will challenge you whilst providing supportive direction and constructive critique."

"I first learned fan dance with Ginger Foxx in 2016. Since then I've taken technique classes,  performance courses and private classes with her. Ginger has always been extremely generous in sharing her skills, knowledge and time. I've loved learning and developing under her guidance."

"Nationally awarded and Internationally recognised, Ginger is a burlesque extraordinaire performer. As an instructor she is skilled and driven. Her supportive and encouraging direction empowers students and challenges them to bring out their vixen."

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