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The golden days of the silver screen usher in a hefty waft of nostalgia, they depict opulent sirens contained in moving pictures - images of pure glamour. Ginger Foxx is a scintillating silver siren contained by no screen. 

“With feathered fans that would make an ostrich blush, the Miss Burlesque Sydney herself, Ginger Foxx, bewitched the 200-odd oglers into an intoxicated trance-like state”
- Nambucca Guardian 2018


She’s one fetching fox busting at the bustle with bold theatrical production styling, gilded on high drama. Spinning in luscious effervesce, this voluptuous vixen has made International appearances at the London Burlesque Festival, New Zealand Burlesque Festival, Edinburgh Fringe and most recently came 1st Runner up at the New Orleans Burlesque Festival’s Belle of the Ball competition in the US.

“Ginger Foxx is the epitome of a 1940s vamp - lingerie and leopard print with one of her turns including a ubiquitous fan dance”
- Fitz Burlesque 2018


In 2015, Ginger Foxx unleashed her feathers into fanciful flight and took out the titles of Miss Burlesque Australia 1st runner up and Miss Burlesque New South Wales, as well as winning the Australian Burlesque Festival’s Baby Bombshells competition. In 2018, Ginger also took the title of Miss Burlesque Sydney.

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